5 Pro-Tips That Make You A Better Seller

5 Pro-Tips That Make You A Better Seller

This article is written by Doris Tuohimaa, Chairman of the Board of PuskaPromotion

Let’s all admit it: Sales can be a pain in the ass (and I don’t refer to a donkey here) when running a business. Everybody knows that the company can’t grow and flourish if no money comes in. But how to get the money flowing? How to make the cash fly in from doors and windows? How to be the top sales person in your team? Let me share you some tips that I’ve learned while doing business.

1. Switch on your sales attitude

First thing you need to do is to embrace your inner salesperson: Understand that every time you convince someone that your idea is worth trying, you have done some selling! It is not only about money changing ownership, selling is everywhere – in school, daily life, politics, you name it. When a teacher makes you learn something, the teacher sold the idea to you. When you love a book and recommend it to a friend, you are selling the idea to your friend that he should spend some of his precious time reading that book and it would be worth it. When you are trying to change somebody´s opinion on something, you are selling. I’m sure you got the idea.

So switch on your sales attitude and start looking at the world from a selling perspective, what could I do to make someone’s day a bit easier? Is there something in my repertoire that could be used? What is that the other person needs, what is it that the person wants? Why is it so? Be curious, helpful and creative. And stop thinking about sales people as if they were some sort of slimy creatures who are there to ruin you. Because if you can’t, the other party will view you that way also. It’s all about the attitude!


2. Learn how to pitch

Pitching is a short (30-60 seconds) story about your product and service and in that short period of time you should be able to say all that there is necessary to say and also say that in a way that there is no other option for your customer but to say ”Yes!”. It is always useful to be able to squeeze up information so that everything relevant is mentioned in a short time and in a handy order. So take some time to rehearse pitching and form some different pitches for you to throw when someone asks you ”So… What does your company do exactly?”. (And come throw your pitch at the #PitchPlease! Competition, more info here boostyourbusinessevent.com)

Of course you need to be able to stop your pitch, listen to your client and then get back to where you were but a pitch is always handy to have in your pocket. The customers also appreciate if you have taken some time to pack the vast information you have about your product/service to neat little packages that you can easily throw anytime anywhere. Nobody wants to automatically know all the details about your business and nobody especially wants to listen to you ramble about your ideas and thoughts behind the business idea. They will ask if they get interested in details, trust me 😉

3. Get ready for those objections!

If one thing in sales is certain, it is that the customer is rarely satisfied with just listening to your monologue and in the end just happily buying everything you have to sell. There will be obstacles in the way, they’re called objections.

There are some objections that are almost always there:

I don’t have time for this

I don’t have money for this

I am not interested in this

I don’t make the decisions in our company

I already have what you’re offering

But fear no more, there are ways of dodging those objections! The first thing that is important to realize is that objections are a sign of INTEREST IN BUYING. A customer wouldn’t care to specify if they wouldn’t want you to answer their objections. Almost all of the objections can also be turned to sales. How to do that? Come to our event to find out! Boost Your Business Event is held at Startup Hub Maria 0-1 at 27.10.2016. This year our theme is Productization and Sales, learn more and register to the event here boostyourbusinessevent.com

4. Listen, I mean REALLY listen

One of the main errors that many sales people do is that they keep on yapping about their own excellence, about their excellent company, about their excellent product/service, about how excellently it fits the customers need and so on… How do they know that everything really is so excellent on the customers’ point of view? Well, they don’t because they don’t ask! Or if they ask, they are many times only asking so that they could get a permission to continue yapping.

It is crucial that you listen to your customer! And when I say listen, I don’t mean that you stay silent until the customer stops talking and then you continue your story. I mean that of course you shut up but that’s not all. You shut up and listen, try to see things from the customers’ point of view. You listen, make notes and then ask questions to be certain that you have understood. And you never assume! You ask so many times that you are certain that you’ve understood correctly. And only then you make your suggestion on what you should do next.

5. And… Don’t be afraid to close the deal!

If you want to be a great sales person, you need to be able to suggest the customer next steps, to close the deal. Closing the deal means that you get to a conclusion with the client what you will do next. It might be that you will email the offer to the client next week, it might be that you arrange a new meeting to meet other people included in the project in the company, it might be that you will leave and get back to the customer next spring. It could also be that there is nothing you can offer and that is it. The most important thing is that you lead the meeting.

A great sales person is the one who leads the meeting, creates the agenda, drives it and closes the deal at the end. Hopefully so that you get to make an offer and that the customer buys. The main thing anyway is that it is you who knows what happens next and leads the customer to next steps. You need to be able to suggest closing the deal several times during the meeting and not easily take ”no” for an answer. If a customer says ”no” once, only a fool will back down and give up! Your job is to try to get the deal (and this time I mean to make some money to your company!), not to be scared by a customer who might be just testing you or who says ”no” but means that if you understand what that customer needs, you might still get the deal.

The key is to learn how to close the sales. How to turn ”no” to ”yes” and gain your customers’ trust. Realize how to be able to understand your customers’ needs, motives and the decision process behind it all. We will give you some of our best tips in our Sales Workshop in Boost Your Business Event, so hesitate no more, join us 27.10.2016 in Startup Hub Maria 0-1 and release your inner sales force! Register here: registration to Boost Your Business Event

Doris Tuohimaa

PuskaPromotion is your partner when it comes to events, we meet and top your needs and arrange you an event ever to be remembered! We are also pro-salespeople and want to change people´s attitudes towards sales as a business. That is why we are hosting a sales workshop in Boost Your Business Event – Be sure to participate and put your sales to the next level! Read more and pre-register to the event: boostyourbusinessevent.com

Doris Tuohimaa is the Chairman of the Board of PuskaPromotion but she is also the European Sales Competition silver medalist 2014. She really knows what sales is all about and isn’t afraid to close the deal!