Three ways to Boost Your Business

Three ways to Boost Your Business

Mimosa Sukanen, CEO

Mimosa Sukanen, CEO

Founding a business is a hard roller-coaster with its ups and downs. Getting new customers might be difficult even after 20 years of work experience. Success does not come for free but when it does, it is highly rewarding. Three core competences are crucial in order to achieve your business goals and in this blogpost I am going to tell you what they are and explain why they are so crucial.


Growing pain of a startup and how to deal with it

Once you have founded your company you have reached one milestone. The next task to handle is to make the business grow. Whether you are in a startup or in a multinational company, you might ask: How do I do that? Where should I begin?

In the entrepreneur’s life there are so many things to manage, that it can be difficult to both develop your business and keep an eye on all the things that need to be done. You might think you should put all your energy in development and research, in marketing or finding the perfect office space. Even those little details on your web page annoy you, but you have to prioritize and focus on the most important tasks at the moment.

Sales might be a swearword for some people. It might be an indispensable duty which is not really appealing task to handle. Besides all other business fields, sales is a necessity and I promise you actually might start to love it! Once you know how it works, you realize how it will change your business.


No. 1 – Change your attitude about Sales

In managing a business there isn’t a one and only thing which is the most important of all. It is more about balancing between how much you need to get done and how much time you put on every task. Unfortunately, sales is still undervalued because companies think the product or the service itself is so amazing and over the top that it almost sells itself. Why do I need sales skills when I have a perfect product?

It is funny that selling itself is not taken seriously. You have a nice product or service. You have modern web pages. Then you have a group of potential customers out there but they don´t know about your product. Above that there are other companies trying to convince your target group about their superiority. Okay, so you put up a marketing campaign which attracts your client group. But nobody is responding. Why?

Because doing solely marketing is not enough, you have to reach the customer in person! The goal of marketing is to draw attention, the goal of selling is closing the deal and increasing your revenue. Marketing and sales must work together towards the same goal – boosting your business. If you do not invest in sales you are not going to invest in anything else either.  No business will survive without sales because that´s the fuel for your company. No money, no honey, baby!

The thing is that sales is not difficult, but it requires constant work. And that means that somebody needs to be in contact with your clients and that takes time. Once you have gained a stable customer base then you can finally put more weight on other aspects in your company. The return is multiple compared to the effort you put in sales. Sales is not an evil money eater, it is an investment for future.


No. 2 – Involve your social circles

Despite the fact that we are living in a time where the social media takes all our attention, we also need to stay in touch face-to-face. Meeting in person is the most critical part in starting a relationship, whether it is with a new business partner, your neighbor or a potential client. Nothing else builds more trust than meeting a person face-to-face. I do not deny the importance of social media presence but I state that social media is just a façade. The first impression, as well as trust, is made face-to-face. Trust is almost impossible to create via internet  because people trust people, not the company you are working in.

The best way of finding new clients is to widen your network and asking for referrals. You have to be where all your potential customers or other partners are both online and offline. Fare trades or other networking events are one of the best places to be. There is no faster way to get new leads than to be active and discuss with people around you. Ask, discuss and help others to gain a place in their hearts.


No. 3 – Make customers become your partners and lead them to give you a “yes”

When you find a potential client you should be able to lead that relationship. Customers do not normally come and knock on your door, so you should be interactive in order to involve the customer with what you have to offer. They are the best resource to tell you what they like and why! Your job is to ask questions, listen and be available without asking.  On the way you can constantly improve your service and be sure that the customers get what they want as well.

Asking relevant questions also helps the client to understand their challenges in business and that they need help solving them. That is the moment when you give your helping hand and the customer cannot refuse. Involving your customer in your sales process makes them feel important and heard. A partner stays on your side all the time and is willing to tell you “yes”. Let´s stay in touch!


Boost Your Business – learn the tools of selling

To wrap up, all these three aspects might feel hard to do at first but once you know the process, you have no issues in making your business grow. Basically sales is just interaction between people, nothing magical neither boring – just that you know the tools, networks and the worth of time invested in sales.

PuskaPromotion is starting its 5th year of business and we know for sure what the growing pain in business means in real life! Combining sales and events have been the inspiration to PuskaPromotion´s growth from the very beginning. We are also a good example of a company who grows their business by using their personal networks and with a concrete sales process. The start is never easy and the process needs to be improved constantly but that is what makes running a business fascinating!


Boost Your Business Event gives you the sales tools and techniques which you can put straight into action. Participate in workshops, listen to hot-topic keynotes and pitch your way to the top! Join the popular event connecting you to the net of professionals and stakeholders who can help your business to grow.

This year the event is held 27th of October in the heart of the startup world; Startup Hub Maria 0-1, which is freshly opened and the biggest startup hub in the Nordics.

If you want to learn more and understand the sales process in detail, register and participate to Boost Your Business Event from this link: See you there!